Get The 1-1 Support You Need with...
One-On-One Coaching + Training
One Hour Intensive Sessions with the Create Your laptop Life™ Coach or Trainer of your choice, to help you navigate the ups and downs of your digital marketing business!
What if every day you could wake up,
roll out of bed, and, when you’re ready to work, take your...

hot cup of coffee...
green smoothie...
hot fudge sundae...
over to an organized workspace with all of your favorite things.
Everything you need is organized and easy to find.

And it’s only steps away.  

You’ve left break rooms and sterile office buildings behind. 
 You take breaks at your favorite...
overlooking your favorite city scene,
or on your back deck with a good book.

You’re working every day where you want and when you want
in a business that you designed yourself.

On your own terms. 
You can have that...
and it can be sooner than you think.
We DO NOT want that for you.
Let's say NO to wasted investments, rabbit trails, or teary nights wondering what on Earth made you decide to start a business.
This is WHAT you can have. We have it ourselves {more on us later}, and have helped many women just like you...accomplish the same.
----------- OVERVIEW -----------
The Create Your Laptop Life™ COACHING + TRAINING PROGRAM is being designed for ANYONE who needs 1-1 guidance, support, or training while they are building out their digital marketing businesses.

Our Coaches and Trainers help you uplevel your skills so you can wow clients with your expert knowledge and charge what you're worth.
Hi, We’re Julie Stoian and Madelaine Corke, founders of 
Create Your Laptop Life Network
Our passion is helping women and men build profitable DIGITAL MARKETING and FREELANCE businesses that work around your lifestyle, not the other way around.
Time and again we hear from our members that learning skills and finding clients were all they focused on at first (and this is where lots of programs focus as well), but then quickly realized just how much mindset, time management, and expectations play a role in whether or not you can successfully make your business last.

Even when you have acquired skills to market, built your website, and even landed a few clients….

  • Comparison-itis
  • Imposter syndrome
  • Unrealistic expectations for yourself and clients
  • The freelance emotional rollercoaster
  • Family, spouse, and kid obligations and expectations
  • Inefficient lifestyle habits
  • Poor self-worth
...they threaten to derail every success. The more you grow, the more obvious these problems become, and it’s not too dramatic to say that the above list can force you out of your business as fast as you got in.
If your business isn’t started yet, getting these problems out of the way before you start, is like clearing a plot of land full of boulders so you can place your house’s foundation. You’ll be saving yourself a heap of trouble down the line.
Here’s why….
Businesses aren’t built in a vacuum.
If you have a family or a 9-5 job, you don’t have the luxury of a 40 hour work week...
You need to learn how to manage your time and hold onto your sanity even when you’re trying to develop your freelance career while still holding your 9-5 job or watching a gaggle of children.
Anxiety, self-doubt, and fear don’t go away once you strike out on your own. If you’re prone to these emotions in life, they won’t go away in business...
Freelance work is a roller coaster of emotions. Learning how to set realistic expectations helps keep the lows not so low.
Family and friends aren’t always the biggest cheerleaders...
In fact, they can be the opposite. “What are you doing?” “Isn’t this just an Internet scam?” “Why do you have to be so selfish? Just get a 9-5 like everyone else.” “You’re so ungrateful. Most people would kill for a job.” How do you hang on to your fortitude when people don’t understand what you do or why you’re doing it?
Freelance work can set you up to be a slave to clients...
Especially if you’re coming from an employee mindset, once you start assisting others virtually, it’s easy to fall into a relational dynamic with a client that makes you feel like you have to earn your position, answer their every whim, and fear their wrath (because of a bad review).
There are all kinds of new soft skills you’ll need that you’ve never used in a 9-5...
Like, how to stand up for yourself respectfully in negotiations and in communications without sacrificing or over-delivering, or how to squeeze every ounce of productivity out of one two hour block of time.
We know firsthand the sabotaging effects our mindset and habits can have on business. 
We’ve seen it happen to us as individuals and we’ve seen it time and again in our members. 
But there’s good news! 
Whether you’re on your first client or your 50th, taking time to remove these obstacles ensures that you’re setting yourself up for long term stability.
Reflect, for a minute, on why YOU chose to build your freelance career …
… for your children or family?
… for the chance to be your own boss?
… for the flexibility to set your own hours and schedule?
… because of your passion?
Whatever your reasons for starting your business, there are unique considerations that freelancers deal with every day that most regular job holders don’t have to face.
We want to help you….
  • Navigate the complexity of being your own boss yet having clients you “work for”
  • Figure out how to structure your time and your office so that you’re productive and efficient
  • Crush self-doubts that seem to insist on riding shotgun while we work on closing sales
  • Recognize when your expectations are all out of whack because you are following “gurus” who only show you their highlight reel
  • Set guidelines to navigate the highs and the lows so you’re not whiplashed every other day

Need to hear no more? Ready to go? Click below to...
The Happy Freelancer: 
Six Foundations to a Fail-Proof Lifestyle Business for freelance entrepreneurs like you who want to overcome mindset/lifestyle challenges when they creep up so as to not jeopardize their business goals and dreams.
  • Manage your expectations and ride the highs and lows of owning your own business
  • Manage the most precious of all resources for the entrepreneur...time
  • Build confidence in your skills or as you expand your business.
  • Be as productive as possible in the time you have, from choosing the right clients and managing your home routines.
  • Handle the lack of support and understanding when family or friends don’t support your freelance lifestyle.
  • Assert yourself with clients so you can maintain your power and independence, yet still be a welcome member of your client’s team!
While other VA and freelance coaches and mentors may give a brief nod with trite advice to the thinking that gets in our way of success, we speak from experience - our own, and the experiences of hundreds of our members. 

We support them with these very issues in our private Facebook group for students of Create Your Laptop Life, and we see these issues in our other Facebook group, VA and Freelance Lifestyle Mastermind. 
We don’t just talk the talk, we walk it, hand in hand, with our MEMBERS.
How Does the Coaching + Training Program work?
  • You review the Coach + Trainer Profiles below, and decide who you need to speak with!
  • Book your session and get it on the calendar!
  • Attend your session, and leave with clarity, actionable advice or a new skill!
  • Coaches help you gain clarity and have direction in your business.
  • Coaches can help with mindset issues, time management, work-life balance, and many other non technical aspects of building out a business.
  • Coaches can help create plans, identify priorities and get you unstick as you build out and expand your business!
  • Asking for help with figuring out where you're going, how to get there, and what you do first can be one of the wisest investments new entrepreneurs make!
  • Trainers have a technical expertise in programs and software that are in-demand in the digital marketing industry.
  • Trainers help people navigate technical issues in building their own business.
  • OR Trainers can help you navigate issues using software that you need for your client work!
  • Learning in-demand technical skills in programs like Clickfunnels, Wordpress, and ConvertKit can help you command higher prices in your work with clients!
Some of our peeps....
Meet The Coaches + Trainers
Click on The Coach to Read More!
Or Scroll Down to See Everyone!
One Hour Coaching + Training Sessions
Perfect for getting clarity in your business, getting some one-off help with a project, or just checking in to make sure you are on the right track business wise!
Perfect if you know you need ongoing guidance, support, strategy, and accountability to make your business successful, and you are ready to invest time, energy and money is making it happen.
Coach + trainer profiles
Work with me if you need help with:
  • Divi by Elegant Themes
  • MemberPress and WordPress Membership websites
  • HTML & CSS
  • WordPress Multisites
  • Beaver Builder
  • Landing Pages
Amber Kim
Digital Marketer
I’m the right-hand gal for small business tech digital marketing and strategy needs.
I love building websites (including eCommerce and membership) and marketing funnels. I love using user-friendly tools not just because they will be easier or more practical for clients in the long run, but also because they streamline my workflow as well. At the same time, I try to think of the long-term for these tools and my clients. Will they be flexible, expandable and flexible as businesses grow and how do they fit my client’s budgets and other needs.
Work with me if you need help with:
  • ConvertKit and successful email marketing, sequence writing and strategy
  •  Affiliate marketing, anything at all to do with it
  •  Packages & pricing
  •  Freebie development
  •  Connecting people with the right team members and sub contractors
  • Keywords: Affiliate Marketing, Convertkit, Email Marketing, Genesis, Wordpress, Beaver Builder, Sales Funnel, Course or Product Launch
April Lewis
Digital Marketing & Affiliate Revenue Consultant
People want leads and customers. That’s what I do. Make it rain.
I consult with online business owners leveraging their ability to attract leads and clients. Whether it’s through lead generation funnels, affiliate marketing, sales funnel consulting, or my 1:1 consulting and training intensives, I have experience with creating the systems, processes, and teams needed to deliver large scale project. I love coaching other freelancers with what it takes to build a digital marketing business and/or affiliate marketing revenue streams.  
Work with me if you need help with:
  • ClickFunnels
  •  ConvertKit, MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, MailerLite
  •  WordPress
  •  Facebook Ads
  •  Sales Funnels
  •  Online Courses
  •  Webinars
Jessie Valle
Digital Marketing & Technology Specialist
Your online business digital marketing and tech bestie
With a background in Educational Technology, I not only understand and have a passion for tech, but I know how to explain it in a way that is understandable to even the least tech-savvy person. I have experience in design and implementation of sales funnels, Facebook ads, email marketing, and WordPress web design. Online courses and webinars are right up my alley as well! You can expect me to both show you how to do something and watch over your shoulder as you complete the task as well.
Work with me if you need help with:
  • Planning Out Your Business from Start-Finish
  • Project Management and Systems Help
  • Budgeting and Forecasting for Sole Proprietors
  • Designing and stacking your offers 
  • A swift kick in the pants and a To-Do List that doesn't stop.
Madelaine Corke
Co-Founder, Create Your Laptop Life™
Ready for a butt kick? And some clarity? And a To Do List? Good. Me too.
Madelaine here. I have a knack for helping people (read: VAs, freelancers, digital marketers, coaches - whatever you are calling yourself - figure out what the frack you are doing. Some people come to me with a giant list of things they need help with. Others come to me with no idea what they need help with. Either way, one hour is enough time to get some serious clarity about what it is that you need to be doing to make your business kick some serious digital ass. Warning: You will probably want to come back for more, because I'm pretty flipping fun to work with ;).
Work with me if you need help with:
  • Getting started as an online service provider
  •  Finding and booking clients
  •  Systemizing the backend of your business
  •  Creating a killer email marketing strategy
  •  Building your team + subcontracting
Miranda Nahmias
Coach & Mentor for Digital Marketers and Online Service Providers
Your new BFF! (with a side of butt-kicking) 
Hi, lovely! I’m Miranda and I’m super excited to chat with you if you need help with growing your business online! I have lots of experience coaching and mentoring virtual assistants, digital marketers, and other types of online service providers. It’s a huge passion of mine, as I really enjoy helping others work through difficult situations and solve problems. While I can help you accomplish growth and support you in most areas of your business, I’m extra good at client acquisition, systemization, email marketing, Pinterest, and team building. If it sounds like we’d be a good fit together, I’d love for you to go ahead and book a call! I can’t wait to meet you and get started on doing BIG things together.
Work with me if you need help with:
  • Step-by-step instructions on what to do (and when) so you’ll know how to use your time efficiently in order to reach your business goals quickly.
  • Attitude + Mindset Why? Because in order to act like a boss, you’ve gotta think like one.
  • Marketing + Ideal Client. What do you want to be known for? Knowing this is the key to your brand message and attracting the clients you really want to work with.
  • Services + Prices. Instead of offering a laundry list of services, I will help you drill down to your personal zone of expertise so you can operate seamlessly and overdeliver (read: impress your clients) every time.
Reese Ben-Yaacov
Virtual Assistant Strategist & Coach
Reese Ben Yaacov is a strategist, coach and mentor for high achieving Virtual Assistants and Online Business Managers who are ready to seriously up their game. She helps them stop thinking like employees and start acting like CEOs instead.
I’ve been running businesses since I was 21, from multi-million dollar revenue high end restaurants in New York City, to supporting c-level executives of Fortune 500 companies and an international venture capital fund with 900 million dollars in management. I live and breathe entrepreneurship. My in-depth knowledge of internet marketing and client acquisition helped me land 10 clients in 12 months and build a multi-virtual assistant team in the process. I’m ready to show you how to do it and have fun in the process using the CYLL system. Together we’ll work wonders with the focus on results because your energy is your currency and I want you to spend it wisely.

Work with me if you need help with:
  • Setting up your WordPress or Squarespace site
  • Domains and web hosting servers
  • Redesigning a site that’s already live
  • Website styling and customization (CSS help)
  • Troubleshooting website issues
  • Email marketing integration (e.g. MailChimp, ConvertKit)
  • Sales funnel design
  • Landing pages and email sequences
  • eCommerce solutions (e.g. WooCommerce, Shopify)
  • Wireframing and mockups
  • Keywords: WordPress, Squarespace, ConvertKit, MailChimp, LeadPages, Click Funnels, CSS, HTML, Websites, Themes, Plugins, Tech, Troubleshooting, Customization
Sara Law
Designer & Digital Marketing Manager at Four Ewes Design
Unsure of how to fix your website or frustrated with a technical issue? I can help!
I’ve been designing for the web professionally since 2010, but had a curiosity about the Internet since Geocities was a thing, and dial-up was the only method of getting online.

A geek at heart with a fine arts background, web design seemed like the perfect fit for me. I started out converting Flash files to JavaScript as a freelancer, before landing a full-time job at a software company in Toronto, Ontario (Canada). After a few years, I finally decided to take a chance and start my own little company, Four Ewes Design. That was back in September 2014, and my little design and online marketing business has been growing steadily ever since.

I focus on creating and customizing WordPress and Squarespace sites. I also enjoy building out sales funnels, email templates, and pretty much anything nerdy and web-related. I’m a CSS junky, always researching the latest browser hacks and tricks of the trade. It’s pure joy when you finally figure out why something wasn’t working, and helping others solve their tech problems is something I truly love to do.
Work with me if you need help with:
  • Learning the basics of your accounting program (I work in Wave, QBO, and Xero)
  • Setting up or cleaning up your books
  • Creating a plan for managing your money
  • Generating a system for affiliate payouts and/or membership tracking
  • Budgeting
Emily Volz
Financial Management + Bookkeeping for Entrepreneurs + Freelancers
Solidify your business success by taking control of your bookkeeping and money management systems.
If you’re like most small business owners I know, money scares you, especially the part where you have to keep track of it. The good news is, you’re not alone. Most people don’t know how to manage their finances because they were never really taught how. But if you’re in business and expect to make a profit, smart money management is essential to your success. 

That’s where I come in. I work with small business owners like you to establish or refine your bookkeeping system and create an easy-to-follow money management plan. I demystify the language of money so you become an empowered business owner making informed financial decisions. Isn’t it time to control your money, instead of letting it control you?
Ongoing 1-1 Coaching 
with Julie or Madelaine
Ongoing 1-1 Coaching with either Julie or Madelaine is by application only.
Work with Julie if you are looking to scale to 10k+ per month and you need help getting there!
  • Coaching on Building Consulting Offers
  • Coaching for Running a Digital Marketing Agency
  • Coaching for scaling to 8k+ per month
  • Ongoing Accountability
  • A Weekly Ass Kicking for 8 Weeks
Work with Madelaine if you are a beginner, trying to make it to the 6k/month mark!
  • Planning Out Your Business from Start-Finish
  • Project Management and Systems Help
  • Budgeting and Forecasting for Sole Proprietors
  • Ongoing Accountability
  • A Weekly Ass Kicking for 8 Weeks
Program Details
  • 8 Week Coaching Program
  • The first call is a planning call
  • The subsequent seven calls will be check-in calls or working calls, depending on your needs.
  • Slack Channel support is offered for the duration of the 8 weeks.
The Process
  • Fill Out the Application
  • If it's Accepted, you will be invited to book a short interview call with Madelaine
  • If the call goes well it it's a good fit, we will send you a proposal, contract, invoice (with payment schedule).
Madelaine and Julie only accept select coaching clients, as time is precious and the intensity of this commitment is high. We require an application (link below) and unfortunately will not be able to accept all applications that come through. 
Please note that these coaching programs require a significant investment, and they start at $3000.
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Per Month
  • Over 19 Courses + Skills Training: WordPress
  • Skills Training Classes
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Live Weekly Group Coaching
  • Intimate Focus Group Placement
  • Job Opps for CYLL Students
  • Toolkit and Swipe Files