How to Build a Wildly Profitable Freelance Business... 
in the Next 30 Days
The 4-step system we use to help build profitable freelance businesses for women
who want financial and lifestyle freedom.
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Here's what we'll cover in this
45min workshop.
  • How to FINALLY stop feeling paralyzed, by taking care of these 4 simple things. You can ignore everything else that normally keeps you feeling flustered and confused. 
  • The truth about a fancy website or expensive branding that may surprise you. Most freelancers get this completely wrong.
  • How to start the money flowing right away thanks to these 3 fast and easy ways to find clients.
  • Why competition is irrelevant and why your pricing is the real problem. 
  • The myth-busting reality that allows you to earn 2-3x MORE freelancing than a someone with similar skills earns in a “stable” 9-5 job.
About Your Hosts

Madelaine Corke

I have the flexibility and freedom to work from anywhere, go running, cook amazing food, garden, play with my dogs, and spend time with my partner whenever I want.

Julie Stoian

I'm a Mom of four, classical pianist, Apple addict, and lover of sci-fi apocalyptic movies. I hate fashion, diets, and bad customer service.
What if I already have a business?

Our workshop will help pinpoint exactly what you need to focus on, and what you can ignore as you build your model and plan.

What if I have nothing to offer yet?

You'll walk away with your plan, and ideas for how you can get started even as you're developing a skill! We also give you a blueprint for a program that will TEACH you skills you need to know.

There's so many people who already do it better!

We address this exact issue in the webinar and point out 1 thing that will guarantee you'll get clients again and again...even if you aren't the best in the industry yet.

Will I be able to ask questions live?

These workshops are NOT live, so LIVE Q&A is not available, however stay til the end, and you'll be able to speak to one of us directly through our application form, or you can leave FB comments in the thread below the workshop and we'll be sure to respond.

Ready to have a solid plan for your business that's TESTED, PROVEN, and RESULTS DRIVEN to create the freedom, flexibility, and financial security you've only dreamed about?
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