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The PERFECT companion to the VA Quickstart Guide

Stop dreaming about the freelance business you wish you had...
and do the ONE thing that will turn your dream into reality.

Get a Paying Client in 30 Days or Less…
or the course is on us.

After growing our own businesses from $13,000 a year to $200k+ in yearly revenue, we’re about to share some of our best secrets for getting work as a

You might have seen people or friends boasting about making thousands a month from sites like Fiverr, Elance, and Upwork, and yet for you...finding clients to PAY you for your skill seems like a daunting task.
You might even have some great marketable skills, but when it comes time to finding clients, you…
  • Get paralyzed trying to fill out all the profiles on third party sites
  • Feel unsure as to how to pitch your services when an opportunity does come along
  • Struggle to figure out pricing and offers, and spend loads of time googling how to set up a website or payment gateway
  • Send proposals out in response to a few job opps but then...crickets
  • Quit when you put a few feelers out there and no one responds
With all these obstacles, it’s no wonder you’re afraid of wasting more time and money on yet another idea that your family thinks is just you jumping on some fad or trend that’s bound to fizzle out. 
We’d like to stop here for one minute and let you in on a secret. When we finally cracked the “code” of how to find clients...without using sites like Fiverr and Upwork, and without spending months and months building a business plan first, we were thrilled!

Both of us learned this the hard way...after sitting paralyzed for a YEAR trying to get a business off the ground. 

And...yes, we trolled on sites like Upwork and bid on super low jobs because that’s what we thought we had to do!
It wasn’t until we learned the three hotspots for effective prospecting, that everything changed...for good.
What if TODAY you could have ..
Everything you need to do get a paying client in 30 days or less?
Step by step accountability to do ONLY the things that directly bring in revenue, and not be distracted by shiny object syndrome?
A roadmap for how to generate consistent interest in your business so you don’t have to worry about where the next paycheck is coming from?
Resources for developing your skills so you can raise your rates?
Tips and tricks for fostering an “entrepreneurial spirit” that will be the foundation for a long term successful game
Sign a Client in 30 is a thirty day e-course & bootcamp for any freelancer or virtual assistant needing a burst of revenue to jump start a new freelance business or grow an existing one.
Here are just a few of the things we’re going to show you how to do…
Where to go to find the clients that are most ready to buy your services.

How to optimize your online presence so you never miss an opportunity when it comes your way.

What tools you can use {for free} when you’re just starting out that still make you look professional.

How to simultaneously build a business and generate leads at the same time.

When it’s time to push harder, build more, or develop your skillset.

How to track your activities so you’re never wondering if you’re “missing” something.

Ways to build your network that will help your business long term.

How you can successfully wrangle paid gigs in a short amount of time so you can keep growing.

And more!

Our 30 day bootcamp will be delivered via email,
each day...for 30 days.
Each day, you'll get a business building task and a business marketing task. They will be bite-sized tasks that you can ACTUALLY complete each day.
No more paralysis each morning wondering what you should do and in what order to do it.

We’ll also offer additional resources for tools, skills training, marketing ideas, and other opportunities that you might not know about!
The bootcamp is designed to pay back your investment..and then some, in just a few weeks time. And..if it doesn’t work, we’ll provide a full refund! 

There’s absolutely no risk to join...
except that you might become addicted to the freelance life!
We’re also going to throw in a bunch of bonuses that will make this class an absolute no-brainer.
Pricing & Package Calculator & Workshop: Use our supercharged spreadsheet to quickly and easily create package prices that don’t cost you valuable profits. We include a 60 minute workshop that teaches you the four primary principles of packaging and the top reasons freelancers can’t break free from charging low rates.
Secrets of Great Selling 12-step Challenge: We break down the sacred discovery call so you can feel confident in closing your prospects on the phone.
Prospecting Swipe File: Not sure what to say when it’s time to pitch yourself on a thread? Grab our plug-n-play swipe file that gives you exactly what to say!
There is literally, NO FASTER more LEGIT way to take $50.00 and watch it double, triple, or quadruple.

When you invest $50 and find that first client with us - even if it's only a 5 hour project at $20 an hour, you will have 2x your investment.

And then, taking what you've learned, you can go on to book more, and more, and more.

We remember the first time we invested $50 in a training. That $50.00 is the reason we are here today, about to earn $225,000.00 this year alone.

Imagine going to the casino with $50.00 and the guy at the door says,
"If you lose money in the slots, I'll pay you pack your initial investment at the end of the night."

That's what we're doing here with you...but you have minutes to decide if you're in.
About Us
About Julie
Julie is a strategist, coach, consultant, and dedicated doer of things. She's here so you can earn back weeks of your time not scouring YouTube for the best tutorials or trying to figure out what tools to use, but instead, spend all that energy creating a business you love. Julie is a co-founder of Create Your Laptop Life.

About Madelaine
Lover of lists, organization, spreadsheets and getting [email protected]#& done, Madelaine is here to calm your mind, build you up, and launch you and your business into the online world. Madelaine is a co-founder of Create Your Laptop Life.

Whether this is your first attempt at a paying client, or if you’ve been in the field a long time, Sign a Client in 30 is just the right amount of time, information, and assignments to get you more
Do I have to have a business set up to do this bootcamp?
Nope! We’re going to help you get the absolute minimum in place to receive actual revenue in exchange for your services.
Do I have complete access to the material, even after the 30 days?
Yes. We have a customized dashboard where all 30 days are available for you to go through, again and again.
Do I need other materials or tools that will cost money?
Some of our recommendations will have a minimal cost. They are not absolutely mandatory, as 75% of what we advise is free. And students have seen results even with just a few days of our bootcamp. However, those who do invest often see better results. Remember, we’re building you a business here, so there are costs associated with a domain name, etc. But it’s not a lot and it’s not 100% required.

Will you teach me a skill to sell?
The 30-day course does not teach you a particular skill, but we’re guessing if you dig deep, you actually do have something to market…today. Admin skills? Writing blog posts? Managing someone’s inbox or calendar? Providing customer support? If you still don’t think you can market ANYTHING, and are looking for skills to learn, we recommend you get in touch with us ASAP so we can offer you our full skills training program.

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