The Complete {non-overwhelming} Quickstart Guide to Becoming a Virtual Assistant
With over 45 resources & tips, this guide is EASY to implement, and cuts through the "OMG where do I start"?
Here's what we cover...
  • How to FINALLY stop feeling paralyzed by the word plan, by taking care of these 4 simple things. You can ignore everything else that normally keeps you feeling flustered and confused. 
  • A comprehensive overview of how to build your website, even if you've never done one before.
  • An outline of tools you need (and don't), including the FREE only list for those on a tight budget.
  • A list of 25 skills you can and should master to charge premium rates.
  • Our list of 9 of the best business building books for inspiration.
  • The only three pieces of online real estate you need. Most freelancers get this completely wrong.
  • Where we recommend you go to find work (and it's not where you think).
  • 50 titles to call yourself INSTEAD of VA so you can raise your rates.
  • A free 12 step mini-guide to help you sell more effectively when you find a potential client.
About Us
About Julie
Julie is a strategist, coach, consultant, and dedicated doer of things. She's here so you can earn back weeks of your time not scouring YouTube for the best tutorials or trying to figure out what tools to use, but instead, spend all that energy creating a business you love. Julie is a co-founder of Create Your Laptop Life.

About Madelaine
Lover of lists, organization, spreadsheets and getting $@#& done, Madelaine is here to calm your mind, build you up, and launch you and your business into the online world. Madelaine is a co-founder of Create Your Laptop Life.

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